Tentative Practice Schedule and Coaching Staff

***All practice times and tournament schedules are subject to change***


Monday/Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm Practices

12 Red Coach: Madelyn Paspal

13 White Coach: Puja PAtel

13 Red Coach: Arlena Dalfonsia

13 Black Coach: Pranavi Kasalar

Monday/Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm Practices

14 Red Coach: Erin Morissey

14 Black Coach: Katie Belaire

14 White Coach: Madison Brooks

Monday/Wednesday 8:00-9:30pm Practices

15 Red Coach: Megan Holas

15 Black Coach: Breanna Walker

16 Red Coach: Briana Ward

17 Red Coach: oLIVIA sZYLAR

Club Dues: $900

Level Details: This local level is great for families that have kids in multiple sports or busy schedules that may not be able to commit to the demand of a Regional or State level team.  Local teams will compete in locations within the State of Michigan.

Season Length

·       Start Date: Feb 21nd 

·       End Date: Early June (MJVBA State Championship)

Tentative Tournament Schedule

·       3 AAU 1 day local tournaments 

·       Motor City Madness

·       AAU State Championships- Grand Rapids, MI

* 12/13 Local teams may be attending Freedom Classic at the end of May, instead of AAU States.

***All practice times and tournament schedules are subject to change**