Club Dues: $2,300

Level Details: This is our most competitive level who will be challenged at large two-day tournaments by other top Regional teams in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.  With a 6 month season, these teams are projected to improve at a fast pace with 4 hours of practice per week plus 5 hours of position training dates.

Season Length

·       Start Date: December 2nd

·       End Date: Mid - June (Chicago Nationals)



Club Dues: $1,500

Level Details: State level teams will travel less than Regional teams but will continue to compete at a higher level for a 5 month season.  These teams will also receive 4 hours of practice per week plus 3 hours of position training per month with our Regional teams(dates will be released before tryouts).

Season Length

·       Start Date: January 13th

·       End Date: Early June (MJVBA State Championship)

Club Dues: $825

Level Details: This local level is great for families that have kids in multiple sports or busy schedules that may not be able to commit to the demand of a Regional or State level team.  Local teams will compete in locations within the State of Michigan. These teams will also receive 3 hours of practice per week for a 3 month season. 

Season Length

·       Start Date: Feb 17th  

·       End Date: Early June (MJVBA State Championship)

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